Wednesday June 10

11.00 Registration desk opens (Reception/Restaurant) 

12.00-13.00 Opening (B 51)

13.00-13.45 Chair: Terry Gunnell

Key note 1: Diane Goldstein: Venerating the Vernacular: The Rise of Local Knowledge and Narrative

14.00-14.45 Chair: Terry Gunnell

Key note 1: Carl Lindahl: Surrender the Self, See the Community, Secure the Future

14.45-15.15 Coffee

15.15-16.45 Sessions part 1.

1:1 (B 51)

Chair: Lina Bugenie

Alf Arvidsson, Umeå: Canon, class, competence?

Michéal Briody, Helsingfors: Not a Safe Haven

Audun Kjus, Oslo: Why and How We Will Return with a Vengeance

1:2 (B 25)

Chair: Åsa Ljungström

Linda Fleming, Glasgow: Being British, Acting Scottish

Katie Heathman, Leicester: Why Folksong and Dance?

Niina Hämäläinen, Helsingfors: Emotional Pearls?

1:3 (E 30)

Chair: Mats Nilsson

Carmel McKenna, Limerick: Betwixt and Between

Jennifer Stritch, Limerick: Death Becomes Us.

Tracey Fahey, Limerick: The Persistence of Legends


17.00-18.30 Sessions part 2.

2:1 (B 51)

Chair: Dace Bula

Lotte Tarkka, Helsingfors: Historical Consciousness and Creativity in Archival Research

Torunn Selberg, Bergen: Continuity through Variation

Charlotte Hyltén-Cavallius, Södertörn: Crafting Identity

2:2 (B 25)

Chair: Lars Kaijser

Oksana Kuzmenko, Lviv: Oral Folklore about Early 20th Century Dramas

Tora Wall, Stockholm: How to Create a Magical Landscape

Eija Stark, Helsingfors: Folklore and Cultural Concepts of Class Formation

2:3 (E 30)

Chair: Jonas Engman

Karin Högström, Stockholm: Expressiva Forms in Motion

Sarah Holst Kjaer, Agder: Tourism Industry as the Last Folklore-Protector

Bryan Levina-Viray, Trondheim: Putong/Tubong Knowledge

Thursday June 11 

09.00-09.45 Key Note 3: Chair: Ulf Palmenfelt (B 51)

Barbro Klein: Folkloristics and the benefits of broad perspectives

10.00-11.30 Sessions part 3

3:1 (B 51)

Chair: Kyrre Kverndokk

Lina Bugiene, Vilnius: Folklore Fieldwork as Reflection and Stimulus

Merili Metsvahi, Tartu: Folklorists’ Contribution to the Study of the Estonian Family History

Georg Drakos, Stockholm: Chronic Pain, Medicine and Folklore

3:2 (B 25)

Chair: Mircea Poduraru

Åsa Ljungström, Uppsala: Notes and Family Lore on the Owners of the Sandvik Manor Magic Art Manuscripts: Material Artefacts in Oral Tradition

Coppélie Cocq, Umeå och Fredrik Skott, Göteborg: ”Party på Blåkulla” — Digital Vernacular Practices and Folkloristics

Hanna Jansson, Stockholm: ”Keep up the Writing so I can Dream away”: Readers’ Comments on Cruising Sailors’ Online Storytelling

3:3 (E 30)

Chair: Jin Feng

Mats Nilsson, Göteborg: There is no Traditional Dance!

Lene Halskov Hansen, Köpenhamn: Comic Songs as Source Material

Tom Hulme, London: “No Mere Fairy Tale”: Historical Pageantry and the Folk Revival in Dorset 1905-1939.

11.30-13.00 Lunch

13.00-14.00 Key Note 4: Chair: Owe Ronström (B 51)

Regina Bendix: Disciplinary Capital in a Departmentalized World

14.15-15.45 Sessions part 4

4:1 (B 51)

Chair: : Eila Stepanova

Dace Bula, Riga: Sustainable Folkloristics

Frog, Helsingfors: Why Folklorists Can Take Over the World (or at Least the Humanities): Theory, Methodology and Interdisciplinarity

Tina Paphitis, London: Folkloristics in/as Public Archeology

4:2 (B 25)

Chair: Anders Gustavsson

Lars Kaijser, Stockholm: Public Aquariums, Staged Nature

Kendra Willson, Åbo: Tradition in and about Information Technology

Sevdagul Aliyeva, Azerbajdjan: Development of National Identity

4:3 (B 27)

Chair: Alf Arvidsson

Jonas Engman, Stockholm: Contextualizing Folklife and Folklore Archives

Line Grønstad, Oslo: The Tradition Archives’ Present Situation

Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius, Stockholm: Sound Trackers and Vinyl Chasers

4:4 (E 30)

Chair: Linda Fleming

Rostislav Kononenko, Irina Shuvalova, Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova, Moskva: The Changing Role of Popular Heritage: Tradition and Innovation in a Cultural Biography of One Russian Folk Song

Elena Karachkova: Oral Traditions About the Past in Contemporary Rajastan: Performances and Purposes

Roman Urbanowicz: Local Narration and Dissipation of Locality

15.45-16.15 Coffee

16.15-17.45 Sessions part 5

 5:1 (B 51)

Chair: Carmel Mc Kenna

Kyrre Kverndokk, Bergen: Folkloristics Contingency – Folklore and Disaster Studies

Andreas McKeough, Helsingfors: Remembering and Interpreting the Finnish Civil War

Ulla Savolainen, Helsingfors: The Meaning of the Form: The Case of Historical Present in the Autobiographical Writings of the Finnish Karelian Evacuees

5:2 (B 25)

Chair: Lotte Tarkka

Mircea Paduraru, Iasi: Dark Materialities. Fear and Tremble

Marja-Liisa Keinänen, Stockholm: Folk Belief Research in Sweden: New Challenges and Perspectives

Ugnius Mikucionis, Vilnius: The Family Life of the Dwarfs

5:3 (B 30)

Chair: Oksana Kuzmenko

Jin Feng, Detroit: Houshold Furniture in a Small Mountain Village

Kashif Jamil, Lahore: Folklore as Supporting Tool: A Case Study of Cholistan Desert and Punjab

Jiang Lu, Michigan: A Special Buddhist Temple


Conference dinner (Restaurant)


Friday June 12

09.00-10.00 Chair: Birgitta Meurling (B 51)

Key note 5: Anne Eriksen: Folkloristics and the Heritage Field

10.15-11.15 Key note 6: Susanne Österlund Pötzsch: Why Folkloristics in the Case of Stairs? Disciplinary Perambulations.

11.30-13.00 Sessions part 6

6:1 (B 51)

Chair: Oksana Kuzmenko

Eila Stepanova, Helsingfors: The Register of Karelian Lamenters. Advancing Theory

Elena Iugai, Vologda: The Russian Funeral Lamentation

Irina Sjuvalova, Rostislav Kononenko. Evgenia Karpova, Moskva: Folklore as a Basis of Cultural Memory and a Source of Cohesion: The Case of Russian Movement

6:2 ( B 25)

Chair: Georg Drakos

Anders Gustavsson, Oslo: Folkloristics in the light of auto-ethnography

Anna Blomster, Los Angeles: Little Sweden Village – Red Cottages and the Experience of an Authentic Swedish Summer

Karina Lukin, Helsingfors: Lying about the Mythical Past


13.30 Finale (B 51)


14.30 Lunch. Guided Walking Tour in Mediaeval Visby. (Starting from the stage in Almedalen)